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 Our Vision

   "The Earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it."     ~Chief Joseph~

Our Vision





    We hope that by standing up for equal human rights of surrogate women, there will be less instances of women facing discrimination and exploitation. We believe inequality is the gateway to potential abuse, especially from those who are willing to take advantage of surrogate women for their altruism. We aim to help close that gap. 

     While there are great outcomes for many, not all surrogate mothers are treated with dignity, respect and unfortunately some women are left feeling traumatized and exploited. The AHRA, Assisted Human Reproductive Act which presides over surrogacy in Canada suggests that the use of IVF technologies must uphold the dignity of surrogate women. However, the impact of any abusive surrogacy relationship can leave a surrogate women feeling degraded, devalued and demeaned.


    We believe that it is entirely possible to achieve social and moral equality for all members within the surrogacy industry. In particular, our goal is aimed towards the advancement of the judicial system of Canada to which it can change to either allow all surrogate mothers to legally claim their worth of time-without fear of criminal charges-as an intrinsic part of dignity, or else ensure that all individuals involved in a surrogacy event must also abide by the policy of altruism. 

     The people behind FMSSF are all non-paid participants. 

Meet The Team



I have several years experience as a support worker for women facing poverty and homelessness. In my spare time I enjoy being with my dog, running, birding, learning the fiddle, and flamenco dance. I believe the personal is the political and through creative acts we can shift change in our communities, to bring about balance and healing. I am a former surrogate birth mother. 




I assist the organization with research and editing on various projects. Currently, I am a 4th year student at the University of Victoria. I am in the final semester of my B.Sc. in Psychology and plan on continuing to do a Masters degree in the future.  When I am not studying or volunteering, you could probably find me reading or catching up on the latest Netflix.



I believe that effective communication is of upmost importance and a lifelong study. In November 2020 I will begin a diploma program in professional counselling. My interests include gardening, world travel, herbalism, neuroscience and studying various forms of dance. I have a background in hospitality, food service, agriculture and studying/teaching therapeutic yoga.



I work in the health administration field and hold a Masters degree in Communication. I have experience volunteering for First Nations organizations and animal protection associations. Horseback riding and gardening are my favorite activities outside of work. It is my honour to be a part of FMSSF with this passionate team which shares the common goal of protecting surrogate mothers and improving the judicial system.



FMSSF is currently needing the following volunteer persons for support:

Outreach Coordinator: Experiential Surrogate Woman a must. 

Technical Support: Persons with computer website and design experience.

Legal Advisor: Persons who offer pro-bono consultations for clients. 

We Need Your Support Today!


Providing Support For Mental Health

and Well-being To Canadian Women

Who Have Experienced Abuse and Exploitation Through The Process Of

Being A Surrogate Mother.


Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a way to get involved with First Mothers Surrogacy Support Foundation? We are always appreciative of people who are willing to share their talents, experience and time with us.   Contact us here to learn more 

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