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International Surrogacy News Articles
and Important Links:

Canada's top leading journalist in the field of assisted reproductive technology Alison Motluck

The Giving Voice to Mothers study: inequity and mistreatment during pregnancy and childbirth in the US

South African Women Personal Story Surrogacy Abuse

Manufacturing Consensus of Commercial Surrogacy

Why we know so little about Canadian surrogacy practices

When altruistic surrogacy is still exploitation

New York State Surrogate Bill of Rights

Duke School of Law Publication by Kimberly D Krawiec

When women are surrogate mothers: Is that work?

Surrogacy 360 Recommendations of Contract Standards

We Are Egg Donors: A volunteer run place run by egg donors

Abandonment of surrogate babies

The risks of becoming a surrogate are real

New York State new bill to legalize commercial surrogacy

Ukraine surrogacy babies and Covid lockdown

Sweden's ban on all surrogacy

New Yorker book review: Can Surrogacy Remake the World

"Damaged Babies and Broken Hearts" ABC News

Birthstory Podcast: two wombs, four countries, and money

China's Black Market Surrogacy Industry

Nigeria's Surrogacy News

Addicted to Surrogacy

What Fairness Looks Like

Rethinking Reproductive Labour: By Anabel Stoeckle

Russian Mom wants 100 babies from surrogates

Canadian Surrogacy Industry

Canadian business woman, CEO of Canadian Fertility, Leia Swanberg gives her views on how every woman has the right to be a mother. The video description states that the business she founded is Canada's largest and has grown into a five million or more a year operation. She states that as a feminist she is against commodification of the body. We urge the Canadian public to become aware that altruism, is a profit opportunity for many like those who are employed by agencies.


The following data is a reference place that will emphasize the feedback we receive from industry members and groups concerning our educational letter campaigns to them. Our purpose of communications is for directing awareness to upholding the principle of human equality rights and elimination of surrogacy exploitation and abuse.

Leia Swanberg CEO Fertility Consultants: Responded with agreement on need for surrogate rights of protection. Reached out with suggest that best way FMSSF can help surrogate women is to join a group she created, to be given voice at round table with politicians and Health Canada. FMSSF declined to join her group.

Pacific Fertility Clinic: No response yet

Anu Fertility: No response yet

Life Nest: No response yet

Anova Fertility: No response yet

Canada Extra Conceptions: No response yet

Olive Fertilities: No response yet

Proud Fertility: No response yet

Counsellor at PFC: No response yet

Surrogacy in Canada: Responded and states hopeful that altruism policy will change

BC Fertility Lawyers: No response

AHRA: Responded with "outside of the scope"

Carbert//Waite Fertility Law: No response

Mary Murrell: No response

Alex at Calgary Family Lawyers: No response

Jeanette Aucoin Lawyer: No response

Lawrence A Khan: No response

Lindsay at Vancouver Fertility Law: No response

Melissa Salfi: No response

Elise at Westcoast Family Law: No response

Robynne Kazina: No response

Joceyne Leger-Nowlan

Erin Beam: No response

Tracy Bannier: No response

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