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   Confidential Peer Support

There are approximately 700 surrogacy births per year in Canada.  Not all surrogate
women experience kind and safe relationships with the Intended Parents.
Some forms of surrogacy relationship abuse are: 
emotional cruelty 
verbal abuse 
psychological trauma
 legal entrapment techniques
 and the use of financial position to demean.
Reach Out For The Help You Need.  
You Are Not Alone.
*FMSSF abides by privacy policy. We will never publish our client's identifying information such as name, address or place of employment.

    Mental Health Support Links

Canadian Crisis Hotline

1 (888) 353-2273


Mental Health Support: 310-6789

(no area code needed)

PostPartum Support Society +1 855-255-7999


Helpful Links:

Facebook Private Support Group

''Forgotten Surrogates''

Finding a trauma therapist

Women, abuse and trauma therapy

Self hypnosis for sleep, anxiety and depression

Human Rights Links

Pregnancy Discrimination In the Workplace

We Need Your Support Today!

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