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Social Equality is the Only Basis of Human Happiness.

                              ~Nelson Mandela~ 

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Some Truths, Common Stereotypes and Misconceptions

*Surrogate women are pregnant women and human beings, they are not vessels, ovens, carriers, organs.

*Surrogacy is not an event that through fees or contract demands human and or unborn human beings are property.

Marketing imagery used to target surrogate mothers as the sole carriers of the moral decision of altruistic vs commercial

Faded Sandpaper
Upcoming Documentary
                       Coming Soon

FMSSF is actively working to bring change to legislature for equality for surrogate birth mothers. We also wish to have the human rights concerns addressed with regards to women who were pitched or coerced through false promises of continued contact or intermittent updates for the child and then had that take away after birth. If you are a woman who experienced sudden cut contact once the legal paperwork was completed for transfer of parentage and didn’t agree to those terms and or were led to believe otherwise, then we want to hear your story. One of our important upcoming projects is a documentary featuring Canadian women, who may choose to either anonymously identify themselves or or not, help us to expose this human rights violation. 

Please contact us at

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