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For Our Partners and Funders


With your kind generosity, together we can help support women who were unnecessarily harmed through the process of bringing forth the gift of life for others. Together we can work towards revising laws that promote equality, dignity and respect for surrogate mothers.


For Our Partners and Funders



We value our patrons and want you to know our strategies and funding directives for the money we receive. 我们珍视所有的捐款人,并希望您了解收到款项后我们的计划用途和最终去向。


1.  To provide confidential outreach for women who have in the past experienced or currently may be experiencing abuse due to surrogacy relationship violence. The most common forms of surrogacy abuse are emotional cruelty, negligence, verbal abuse, psychological trauma, legal entrapment techniques, discrimination, coercion, and the use of financial dominance to humiliate or demean. 为过去或当前因代孕关系中受虐待的妇女提供保密的疏导服务。代孕虐待最常见的形式是情感摧残,忽略感受,言语威胁,心理创伤,法律胁迫等等,以及利用经济条件的不平衡来胁迫侮辱或贬低受害人。


2.  Operational costs 行政费用和员工佣金


3.  To help create policy change using multi-media and film.


4.  To liaison with Canadian and international women’s organization as well as governments to assist with ensuring standards of physical, mental and emotional safety towards surrogate women.请求加拿大本土和国际的妇女组织以及政府的帮助,沟通洽谈能确保代孕妇女的身体,心理和情感安全的确切办法。


5. To educate and create policy change through academic research into the systemic underlying causes which lead to exploitation and abuse that can occur through both legal and non-legal surrogacy relationships.通过学术研究来学习以及推进政策改革,以探讨导致合法和非合法代孕关系中发生剥削和利用的根本原因

6.  To fundraise for providing legal advocacy available for surrogate women who had agreed to surrogate on a pitched false promise of continued or intermittent contact with the child after the birth and then had all contact cut off following the signing of final paperwork.为被原生父母承诺在分娩后继续或偶尔与孩子接触,后在签署最终文书后切断所有联系的代孕母亲提供法律支持而筹款


8. To act as an international watchdog organization which researches and investigates the practices of surrogacy agencies, IVF clinics and donor clinics throughout the world and how their policies relate to human rights.作为国际监督机构,研究和调查全球范围内的代孕机构,试管婴儿诊所和捐赠诊所的行为,及其政策与人权的关系。


9. To provide outlets which can assist women who were harmed during the process of being a surrogate to share their voice and express their experiences safely.

Yours Truly,

First Mothers Surrogacy Support Foundation



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